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Dean's Message


Mrs. Sheela Rajendra
Dean and Director & Correspondent
PSBB Group of Schools

Capacity and Competence building – The Pathway to Pedagogic Excellence !

Capacity building is defined as “activity which strengthens the knowledge, abilities, skills and
behaviour of individuals, while improving institutional structures and processes such that the
organization can efficiently meet its mission and goals in a sustainable way.”

The PSBB group of schools provides holistic education, aiming to make students global
citizens equipped with 21 st century skills, while embedding in them a love for their culture.
The school also builds the capabilities and enhances the competencies of its teachers
through professional development. Besides pedagogical knowledge and subject specific
knowledge, teachers should be able to deal effectively with children with learning or
behavioural problems. The sustained effort of empowering students and strengthening
teacher effectiveness will pave the path for pedagogical excellence, as envisioned by our
beloved founder, Dr. Mrs.YG Parthasarathy.

Today, teachers need to prepare students for careers that have not yet been created, to use
technologies that have not been invented and solve social problems that have not arisen
before ! It is therefore absolutely necessary that teachers train students to extrapolate from
what is learnt, make connections between ideas and use their knowledge in other fields to
“Connect the dots”. These are nothing but ‘Life skills’ .This can be achieved through inter-
disciplinary learning and integrating academic subjects with art and ICT.

The integration of drama, music, dance, art and craft, and sport in the curriculum as well as
the teaching learning process has been in practice for many decades. The character –
building component of pedagogy is present in the acronym ELVES – Environmental
Awareness, Life Skills, Values, Emotional and Social Consciousness, which is also being
imparted along with curricular learning.

“Competence is a great creator of confidence” – said American author, Mary Jo Putney

PSBB is sure that its’ consistent efforts to build the competence of its students and teachers
will make them confident individuals with high values, traversing the path of success.

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