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⏱️ ABuzz :   Exhibiting quizzing talent

👯 Abhinaya :   Thematic cultural extravaganza in total theatre

⚛️ A K Samban Award for Creativity in Science :   Promoting innovation in science

🏆 Annual Prize Distribution Function :   Celebrating and recognising the success of students

🖌️ Artfulness – a Palette Platter :   E-magazine in the form of a padlet to showcase the artistic talent

🖼️ Art Exhibition :   Showcasing the artistic talent

அ  Bharathiyar Day :   Celebrating the greatness and contribution of Bharathiar

💳 Business Battle :   An interschool Commerce Festival

✏️ DR. (Mrs.) YGP National Level Quiz :   A National Level interschool quiz

🎙️ Endowment Lecture :   Motivating students to explore new possibilities and guide them in making the right choices in life

🎤 General Assembly :   Showing the talent of students

📔 Inhouse Magazines :   Showcasing literary, scientific, Business, organizational and editing skills

🗨️ Inter PSBB Debate :   Platform to develop debating skills in Languages

📚 Library Week :   Promoting and enhancing reading skills

✍️ Lingua Safari :   An inter school Literary Festival

🧘 Meditation, Morning Assembly & Thought for the day :   Maintaining  mental, emotional & physical wellbeing of the students

🪔 PADHAM (PSBB Academy of Dance, Heritage and Music) :   Appreciating our cultural Heritage and motivate talented students to pursue their passion in Indian Music & Dance and Indian culture

🎌 PSBB MUN :   Enhancing leadership skills, Collaborative skills and problem solving skills

🏫 Quadrennial Project :   Platform to showcase students’ innovative ideas, to build team spirit and to develop organisational skills. 

💃 Reverberations (Inter School Culturals)  :   Acquiring skills in event management and leadership qualities

🔍 RSIC - Research Science Initiative Chennai :   Doing projects under the guidance of professors of renowned institutions of learning

🗳️ School Elections and Investiture Ceremony

🔬 Science Day :   Exhibiting the talent and skill in the field of science and technology.

🎾 Sportlight :   Inter PSBB SPORTS QUIZ

🧑‍💻 Summer Connections :   Connecting the students with the real world & industries.

📝 Talent test and Olympiads

💾 Techno Talent :   Platform for students to exhibit their technical and digital skills.

☮️ TEEN THINK TANK(T3) :   Discussing about national issues concerning our country with the aim of bringing our feasible solutions.

🌐World School Forum

      Interschool Youth festival organized by Kanto International school, Japan

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