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🎨 Arts Club: Kindles students’ creativity and originality by providing an amazing artistic experience keeping in mind the evolving trends of technology.

🎤 Debating Society: Promotes critical thinking in the students.

🍃 Eco Club: Encourages students to take up environment related activities thereby creating environmental awareness.

♻️ Exnora & Econ Clubs: Creates an awareness among students about the growing importance of protecting biodiversity.

🩺 Health and Wellness Club: Creates awareness on general health and wellness.


🛕 Heritage Club: Traces the roots of our ancient culture and fosters and promotes it amongst the youngsters.

अ Hindi Club: Encourages spoken Hindi and to develop Hindi language skills.

💡 Innovation Club: Nurtures the creative and innovative ideas of students in all subjects.

💻 IT Club: Brings out the technical talents of all the IT Whiz kids.


🐾 Karuna Club: Promotes human and animal welfare.

📚 Literary Club: Fosters in students the love for language, enhance creativity and provide an avenue for self-expression beyond the realm of curriculum.

🧮 Math Appreciation Forum (MAF) : Encourages the young and enthusiastic members to share knowledge and showcase their talent through various mathematical activities.

⏯️ Media Club: Provides opportunities to the students to gain media literacy and to assist in the basic understanding of media culture.

🎥 Movie Appreciation Club (MAC): An endeavour to transform film buffs into discerning film connoisseurs.

⏱️ Quiz Club: Encourages the children to widen their knowledge


📖 Reading Club: Promotes reading for pleasure and to appreciate literature and improve the language skills.

🕉️ Sanskrit Club: Creates and develops poetic skills and to preserve this divine language.

⚛️ Science Club: Nurtures scientific temper in students.

அ Tamil Club: Motivates students to learn more about their mother tongue “Tamil” and creates awareness about the literary aspects of the language.

🎭 Theatre Club: Fine tunes students in histrionics and offers opportunities to them for staging a major production.


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