SPELLINC 2014 -Chennai Finals

SPELLINC 2014 – Chennai Finals – NGM

Spellinc 2014 was held in many cities recently in a nation-wide attempt to improve spelling. Conducted by Linc Pens and Plastics, and partnered by Renault, the prelims were held in hundreds of schools across Chennai. The top two in the schools formed the school team and represented their school in the finals and battled it out on the 3rd of February, in the premises of Vani Mahal.

After a couple of icebreakers with the audience, the organisers handed out small gift hampers to all the teams present, and then the prelims began. The first round was a direct spelling round, where the organisers said the word and we had to write it down. Then came an anagram round, and then after that was a small break while our papers were graded.

Then the top eight teams were announced, in which our school’s name had been announced. All the eight teams ascended the stage, where the finals were to be conducted. While all the teams had to write the same direct spelling and anagram round again, there were also new, interesting rounds that came around, which included a crossword round, a round where the teams had to make words with a bigger word, containing a letter, and ending with a letter.

An oral spelling round followed these rounds, and after that while the scores were being calculated, a team of performers from Renault put forth a play teaching all those assembled the importance of safe driving by a mnemonic, SMILESTONE.

In the end, the winners turned out to be Don Bosco, followed closely by the team from our school. We received a glass trophy for our school, and a cheque of Rs 5000 each, along with a tremendous gift hamper from Linc Pens and the other partners.

An article of the same also appeared in the Indian Express two days later.

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