The little vibrant children of PSBB School, Siruseri put up a fantastic Independence Day performance “class wise” and thereby understanding the significant pain and efforts taken by our great leaders to bring India its freedom.

At the KG level:

On 4th August our tiny tots of PRE KG brought in the spirit of Independence Day by singing the “Independence Day” rhyme.

On 5th August a few LKG blooming buds dressed up and performed like our great leaders “MAHATMA GANDHI”, “PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU”, “BHARATHIYAR” and “SUBASH CHANDRA BOSE” and few others joined in to keep up the patriotic spirit and sang the famous “SAARE JAHAAN SE ACHCHA”

On 8th August our UKG blossoms performed, where one child was dressed up like one of our great leaders and the other child spoke about that great leader. In this combination we got to learn about the greatness of our leaders like “MAHATMA GANDHI”, “PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU” and “SARDAR VALLABAI PATEL”. This class concluded its performance by singing “HUM HONGE KAAMIYAAB” where indeed one day our children will succeed with flying colours.

At the primary level

On 8th August the std I children enthusiastically dressed up as “KASTURBA GANDHI”, “ANNIE BESANT”, “MAHATMA GANDHI” and “BHAGAT SINGH’ and spoke a few valuable and informative lines about them and sang the popular “RAGUPATHI RAGHAVA RAJA RAM” song.

This was followed by std II children who joyfully dressed up and presented themselves as “BHARATHIYAR” , “SUBASH CHANDRA BOSE”, “RANI LAKSHMI BAI”, “PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU” and “INDIRA GANDHI” and they cried out slogans just like our great leaders did, momentarily sending us to the days of freedom struggle.

On 9th August the children of Std IV and Std V put up a fabulous performance with a variety of dance, music and skit.

The Std IV children sang the most loved “NANNA MUNNA RAAHI HOON” song where they wonderfully exhibited the feelings of a boy who wants to be a soldier.

The Std V children sang a beautiful song “VANDE MATARAM”, and performed a dance on a super hit song “JAI HO”.

Meaning for all the above mentioned songs have been explained to the children by our Hindi teacher.

On August 11th the children of std III put up a fantabulous performance on Unity and Diversity of India by connecting the north, south, east and west through their dresses and a song which talks about our boundaries from the Himalayas to Indian ocean and from the Bay of Bengal to Arabian Sea and making all of us feel so proud of our country and most of all proud to be an Indian.

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