Tamasomaa Jyotirgamaya
From Darkness to Light

The pleasant morning of Thursday, the 28th of October 2015 was greeted with joy and zest by PSBB Nungambakkam when their quadrennial project based on the theme 'Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya' or 'From Darkness to Light' was inaugurated by Dr. Balaji Sampath, Director, AhaGuru Education Technology and an Ashoka fellow, who has to his credit, the distinguished fourth place in the All India IIT Entrance Examination.

With a live news bulletin welcoming one and all and displaying the highlights, the visitors were treated to an amalgamation of colour, light and demonstration showcased with skill and creativity. The staff and students of more than 25 schools visited the project, despite the hint of inclement weather.

All the departments vied with one another to explore the theme in relation to their subject. The Sanskrit department brought out the inspiration behind the theme: a story from the life of Saint Ramanuja, while also showcasing the contribution of Indian culture and civilization to the world in their offering 'Bhaathi Mei Bharatham'. 'Enlightening English' thrilled the visitors with a fascinating 'Glow Dance', and depiction of the effect of light in bringing out emotions on stage, besides tracing the journey of the English language.

'Andhere Se Ujjale Thak' by the Hindi department showcased the lives of leaders who were instrumental in bringing about positive change in society, while 'Uyarvom Olirvom' highlighted the evolution of Tamil culture through literary works.

The 'Light Brigade' by the Physical Sciences portrayed the evolution of the light bulb and demonstrated various properties and dispelled myths associated with natural phenomena and explained the phenomenon of luminescence. 'Pragathi' by the Biology department took the visitors on the journey of progress in the fields of Instrumentation Medicine and Agriculture.

'Dawn in Silicon Valley' by the IT department highlighted the advancements in their field and the creations of the young techies of the school were displayed.

'Vedic to Virtual Math' portrayed the transition from ancient concepts to modern applications, with the help of games and displays.

'The Bodhi Trilogy' by the Social Science department traced the history of modern day democracy in a trilogy which included a tableau and PowerPoint presentation.

'Traders Hub' by the Humanities department traced the growth of trade, banking and empowerment while 'Photo Finish' by the sports department traced the evolution of sports, with graceful demonstration of Figure Skating, sending a thrill down everyone's spine.

The icing on the cake was 'Iconic Pixels'- a tribute to the guiding light of PSBB group of schools, Dean and Director Dr. Mrs. Y.G. Parthasarathy to commemorate her 90th birthday this year. A series of photographs displayed her achievements in a timeline till date. The star attraction of the project was undoubtedly 'Up, Up and Above' where visitors were taken on an exciting journey covering the life of a star in a 6 minute film in a dark room depicting the grandeur of the night sky.

'Magnum Medley', the cultural program was a feast to the eyes and ears, adding splendor to the spectacular show, with colorful dances, skits and street theatre.

The valedictory function which was held on Saturday, the 31st of October was presided over by Dr. Mangala Sunder Krishnan, Professor of Chemistry, IIT Madras. He lauded the students and the faculty for the wonderful exploration they had undertaken. He suggested that such projects must be held more frequently.

Mr. Y.G Rajendraa, Executive Trustee and Management Representative, PSBB group of schools, complimented the teachers on guiding the students to go beyond the textbooks. He also appreciated the students for their fluent explanation and how they were unfazed when they were questioned on their research and presentation, bringing the curtains down and a well-organized and executed educational accomplishment, comprehensively covered in the 'PSBB Mirror'- a tabloid which was proudly brought out on all three days by the students of the Media Club of PSBB Nungambakkam.

SPL welcoming the Chief Guest Dr.Balaji Sampat

Inaugarting the Project

Scintillating Glow dance-Enlightening English

In awe of the live telecast by the Press Room

Vedic to Virtual Math - Mathemagic in architecture

Math is fun

'Iconic Pixels' Photo gallery highlighting the achievements of Dr.(Mrs.) YGP and PSBB

Up up & above

School children admiring the life journey of a star

Pragathi- Medical Marvels

Uyarvom Olirvom- Admiring the Big Temple

Andhere se Ujale tak- Social Reformers

Bhaateeme Bharatham - Visitors from UK admiring our rich cultural heritage

Visitors enjoying Magnum Medley- a cultural programme with a difference

Solving puzzles through dance

Ever popular My Fair Lady

Admiring the colours of nature

Young minds experimenting with forensics

Admiring the future city in Silicon Valley

Impressed by the young techies

Photo Finish- Graceful Demonstrations & Indigenous games

Traders' Hub- growth of Trade & Banking

Mr.YGR complimenting the PSBB NGM team

Dr.Mangal Sunder Krishna addressing the teachers

The backbone behind 'Tamasomaa Jyotirgamaya"

Taking Education Beyond Tomorrow